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Hit And Run Leaves Man In Critical Condition

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A dangerous intersection in North Topeka has claimed another victim as a man riding his bicycle was involved in a hit and run accident late Tuesday evening. Authorities have yet to identify the man, who suffer severe head injuries, but have confirmed that the incident took place in the 1300 block of N.W. Harrision.

Apparently, a vehicle traveling northbound veered across the southbound lanes of N.W. Topeka Boulevard and entered N.W. Harrison at the southernmost point of the V-intersection, where the two streets converge. Authorities say that the man on the bike was traveling southbound when the collision occured, and that rider was not wearing protective equipment.

When emergency responders arrived on scene, the man and his damaged bike were lying in the middle of the street. No information has been release as to the driver of the vehicle, and the Topeka Police Department’s Accident Recovery Team was immediately called to investigate.