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Guidant Recalls Heart Defibrillators

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On June 21, 2005, Guidant Corp. announced the recall of approximately 50,000 heart defibrillators after device failures led to several patient injuries and two deaths. Guidant warned that certain models sometimes short circuit, preventing the cardio device from delivering an electric shock to the heart in order to restore a normal heartbeat. The short circuit may also cause accelerated battery depletion.

Although Guidant maintains that the company disclosed the problem to government regulators, there is strong evidence that suggests Guidant was aware of the problem three years prior to fully disclosing the problem to patients and physicians. Because of the company’s delay, numerous patients have undergone needless surgery to remove defective defibrillators and many more patients’ lives have been put at risk.

If you or your loved one has been affected by Guidant’s deceitful actions, you have a right to seek the maximum compensation permitted by law for your injuries or losses. Please contact our law firm to have one of our expert defective products liability attorneys review your case.