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Medtronic: Major Recall of Marquis ICD Models

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On February 11, 2005, Medtronic, Inc., the nation’s leading manufacturer of implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), issued a warning to physicians regarding a defect in approximately 80,000 Marquis ICD models. ICDs are designed to detect heartbeat irregularities and restore normal rhythm by sending an electrical pulse to the heart.

Medtronic, Inc. revealed that a battery shortening complication could cause rapid depletion of the battery in a matter of a few hours or days, eventually resulting in total loss of battery power. This battery failure could put patients at risk for serious health problems and even death.

Davis, Unrein, McCallister, Biggs & Head, L.L.P., is actively pursuing litigation against Medtronic, Inc. for injuries and deaths related to ICD battery failure of Medtronic ICDs, as well as for the replacement and removal of these devices. Contact our firm to find out how we can help you.