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Davis, Unrein, McCallister, Biggs and Head, L.L.P.

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Established in 1943, Davis, Unrein, McCallister, Biggs and Head, L.L.P. is comprised of Topeka’s most determined, dedicated, and successful attorneys. They have nearly 120 years of combined experience in handling lawsuits in roughly two dozen practice areas, including personal injury, product liability, construction law, antitrust and trade regulation, workers’ compensation, and social security law. Their record of successfully settling or, if necessary, favorably resolving in court the vast majority of our clients’ cases is unparalleled by their competitors. They know how important cases are to their clients – and they are completely devoted to helping them win.

During times that call for legal action, they will offer you the legal expertise and knowledge, advice, compassion, and understanding that you and your loved ones need. If you need legal representation, they can help you.