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Contractor To Serve 3 Years In Prison For Workers Compensation Fraud

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A judge in San Diego, California has ordered the owner of a local construction company to pay nearly $500,000 in restitution to the State Compensation Insurance Fund and serve three years in prison for workers compensation fraud.

David Haskit 44, a licensed general contractor and owner of Haskit Construction, Inc., was sentenced by San Diego Superior Court Judge, Timothy Walsh, to three years in prison after pleading guilty to workers’ compensation insurance premium fraud. Judge Walsh also ordered Haskit to pay $456,061 in restitution because of his actions. The stern message provided by the court emphsized the prosecution’s arguments that employers cannot cut corners to create profit while putting their employees at risk.

Haskit was not a newcomer to the construction industry, but rather had owned his residential remodling outfit since 1986. This past June, Haskit’s contractors license was revoked and in July he lost his insurance with State Fund.