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Injured Worker in New York Offered $25 Million Settlement

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Seen as one of the largest insurance settlements ever in the history of New York, $25 million is being offered to a man for work injuries suffered due in a lliquid nitrogen accident.

The settlement was granted to Michael C. Ottaviano, 50, of Lancaster, New York, after being approved in the State Supreme Court. Ottaviano’s injuiries on December 19th, 1998, when liquid nitrogen tanks rupturing, causing the man to lose an arm and both legs. Praxair was Ottaviano’s employer at the time of the accient and as of now it appears that the settlement woud be be paid by five worldwide businesses which supply industrial gases for Praxair.

The accident occured when Ottaviano was transporting liquid nitrogent to a facility outside of Ithaca. The tanks ruptured and his body came into contact with the liquid. However, due to his remote location, Ottaviano was not treated for several hours. He suffered severe burns to the right hand, wrist, and both of his legs were amputated below the knees. Ottavaino is still undergoing extensive therapy and rehabilitaion, and he will need additional care for the rest of his life.